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Exustar Cleats EPS-R, Compatible with Look Keo pedals, E-ARC10, 7 Degree Float

350 EGP
Specs Interface EPS-R (Compatible with Look Keo pedals, and Exustar pedal series: PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, PR17, PR100, PR101, PR103, PR200,

EXUSTAR E-C05F MTB Cleats SPD Compatible

465 EGP
EXUSTAR Mountain Bike Cleats SPD E-C05F EPS-M Compatible with Shimano SPD pedals. Features: Styled like the SH-52 SPD cleats Durable

EXUSTAR E-CK2 MTB Cleat Covers SPD Compatible

235 EGP
Compatible with Exustar cleats C01, C03, and C05 This item is patented Weight: 7g/pc

Favero ASSIOMA DUO Power Meter Pedals

Original price was: 39400 EGP.Current price is: 37900 EGP.
Power meter with sensors on both pedals. The best choice to take full advantage of the real dual-sided measurement.

Favero ASSIOMA DUO-SHI Power Meter Sensors

Original price was: 37500 EGP.Current price is: 35600 EGP.
Overview Designed for the compatibility with Shimano® road Assioma DUO-Shi has been designed for Shimano® road users, as it offers

Favero ASSIOMA UNO Power Meter Pedals

Original price was: 31500 EGP.Current price is: 27900 EGP.
Cycling power meter with power sensor on the left pedal. The single-sided power meter pedals with upgrade option.

LifeLine Road Cleats – Look KEO

395 EGP
LifeLine Road Pedal Cleats – Look Keo The LifeLine Road Pedal Cleats will breathe new life into your Look Keo

EXUSTAR E-BSL1 Road Cleats SPD-SL Compatible, 0 Degree Float, Black

220 EGP
Interface (Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL pedals, and Exustar pedal series: PR18, PR23). Mode Fixed position. Weight 50 g/pr Material Engineering thermoplastic. Patented

EXUSTAR E-CK1B Road Cleat Covers – Compatible with Look system

140 EGP
Compatible with Exustar cleats ARC1, ARC2, ARC3K and ARC5. Also BLK1, BLK2, BLK3K, BLK5 Compatible with Look Delta system Weight:

EXUSTAR E-CK6B Road Cleat Covers – Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL system

295 EGP
Eliminate cleat wear and improve walking comfort and safety with these Exustar cleat covers. - Compatible with EPS-SL cleats (Shimano SPD-SL-style) - Durable and flexible rubber - Can be used with either floating or fixed position cleats - Weight of only 86 grams/pair