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Giant SURELOCK Protector 1 LS U-Lock

590,00 EGP
Giant Surelock Protector 1 LS is a Gold Sold Secure approved robust lock featuring a 14mm ultra hardened steel bar with additional length and a quick release mounting bracket for a range of bicycle tube sizes.      


  • X4P Quattro bolt locking mechanism provides unequaled strength by locking cross bar to shackle
  • Massive 14mm (0.55") ultra-hardened steel shackle provides maximum cut-resistance
  • Zinc caps offer more protection against hitting attacks
  • M-Key cylinder is more reliable and user-friendly than ever before, prevents key from turning before being fully inserted into the cylinder
  • All-tube QR mounting bracket included-fits 24-40mm tubes
  • Micro-light key projects a highly focused white light beam
  • Integrated dust cover protects the cylinder
  • Includes 5 keys (1 micro-light and 4 extra keys)

Serfas CL-101 Espresso Cable Lock

245,00 EGP
  • Self-Coiling Design
  • 4 Digit Combination Lock
  • Vinyl Coated Cable
  • Lightweight, 130 grams
  • Cable Length: 4 ft (121.92 cm)

Serfas CL-12 Combination Lock

445,00 EGP
  • 4-Digital Resettable Combination Lock
  • Braided Steel, Rubber Coated Cable
  • Easily Transported
  • Coiled Cable Enables Fast Organized Storage and Deployment
  • Cable Length: 5 Ft (152.4 cm)
  • Cable Diameter: 12mm (0.47 inch)
  • Weight: 308 Grams (0.68 lbs)
  • Security Rating: 3/10

Serfas CL-501 Combo Coiled Lock with Bracket

545,00 EGP
4-Digit programmable combo lock and 12mm thick twisted steel coiled cable, covered in a protective vinyl rubber to prevent frame

Serfas LL-1 Latte Combo Lock

210,00 EGP
  • 4-Digit Preset Combination Lock
  • Vinyl Rubber Coated Cable
  • Self-Coiling Braided Steel Cable
  • Cable Length: 5 Feet (152.4 cm)
  • Weight: 130 Grams (0.29 lbs)
  • Security Rating: 2/10

Serfas LL-2 Mini Chain Combo Lock

265,00 EGP
  • 4-Digit Combination Lock
  • Protective Woven Nylon Sleeve
  • Cable Length: 3 Feet (91.4 cm)
  • Chain Links: 3mm (0.12 inches)
  • Weight: 308 Grams (0.68 lbs)
  • Security Rating: 2/10

Tonyon Security Lock 4 Digit

95,00 EGP
Steel Wired lock. Covered with transparent plastic to protect against scratches. Fixed numbers (can’t be changed)