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VDO M3 WL Bike Computer – Wireless

1495 EGP
VDO M3 WL Bike Computer   Get all your essential road metrics without squinting. The oversize display shows 2 functions

VDO M4 WL Bike Computer – Wireless

1745 EGP
VDO M4 WL Bike Computer The M4 from VDO is a functional bike computer with wireless data transmission. Usability is

VDO M4 WR Bike Computer – Wired

1375 EGP
VDO M4 WR Bike Computer Functions : Wired Cycle Computer Display backlight Speed Distance / total Ride Time / total

VDO M4.1 WL Bike Computer – Wireless

2200 EGP
The VDO M4.1 WL measures and displays altitude precisely and in real time. The four-part display is backlit and indicates the

VDO M6 WL Bike Computer – Wireless with Heart rate belt

2700 EGP
Price-packed VDO M6 WL wireless pacemaker package with heart rate belt. Description of the matching features of the M series:

VDO M6.1 WL Bike Computer – Wireless

2600 EGP
The VDO M6.1 WL is a cycle computer for recreational cyclists looking for a more efficient way to train and

Universal Mounting Kit VDO M Series – Wired – 3014 Sensor

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Universal Mounting Kit for VDO M Series   Compatible with following models : Mzero, M1.1, M.2.1, M3.1, M4.1

VDO M1.1 WR Speed Meter, Wired Bicycle Computer

435 EGP
Bike Function:
  • current speed
  • trip counter
  • current distance
  • total distance
  • clock (12/24 h in am/pm format)
Other Features:
  • large display
  • only two functions shown at the display
  • 7 languages selectable, DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL/PL
  • battery status
  • data storage during battery replacement
  • 1 wheel size, settable
Dimensions and performance:
  • device dimensions, BxHxT: 4,9x3,8x1,6cm
  • display size, BxH: 2,9x3,9cm
  • weight: 28g
  • battery type computer: 3V, CR2032
  • computer battery life: approx. 1 year (ca. 10.000km/6.000mi)
Included in delivery: M1 WR (incl. battery), handlebar bracket cable M, spoke magnet, mounting equipment Weight supplement: computer (58 g incl. handlebar mount & speed transmitter)

VDO M2.1 WR Cycling Computer – Wired

670 EGP
For All Those Who Need Extra Motivation, This Computer Also Measures The Calories Burned. The M2.1 Bike Computer Displays Two

VDO Speed Meter M1.1 WL, Wireless Bicycle Computer

695 EGP
"Cycle" functions
  • Current speed (<199 kmh/124 mph)
  • Time (<99:59:59:59 HH:MM:SS)
  • Distance of the day (<999.99 KM/M)
  • Total distance (<99, 999 KM/M)
  • Time (12/24 hour mode with am/pm display)
Other features include
  • Large display (27.5 x 27.5 mm) with permanent speed display
  • Wheel size adjustable by means of wheel circumference or tyre table
  • Full text display (DE/EN/FR/IT/IT/ES/NL/PL)
  • Data backup when changing batteries (data and settings)
  • Low battery alert
  • Quick assembly using heavy-duty Rilsans
  • 1 adjustable wheel size
  • Automatic on/off in case of restart after a pause
  • The screen goes into standby mode after a 5-minute break
  • Twist-Click bracket for hanger or stem mounting
Supplied with: counter, universal handlebar or stem support with cable, fixing material and battery