It features all kinds of bicycles and accessories from different brands

Bikes (102)

Nutrition and Supplements (10)

Helmets And Safety (33)

Sensors and Power Meter (17)

Gloves (16)

Pump (47)

Cycling Shoes (6)

Bicycle Computer (31)

Saddles (50)

different brands


It features all kinds of bicycles and accessories from different brands

GU Energy Gel, Tasty and Portable Energy for Athletes

100 EGP
Bonking Doesn’t Solve Itself – GU Energy Gel GU Energy Gels are crafted to supply both energy and key nutrients

Q20 Super Multi Purpose Lubricant 3̶0̶0̶g̶ (360g) 20% Free Bonus Quantity

325 EGP
Q20 MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT is the leading multi-purpose lubricant that protects against corrosion, stops rust, lubricates sticky mechanisms and displaces moisture from electrical systems. Q20 MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT is the ideal light duty lubricant for use in the home, garage and workshop.

GU Hydration Drink Tabs, 12 Tablets, Electrolyte Replenishment. Refreshing Taste

435 EGP
Dehydration can cramp you up, elevate your heart rate, and cause headaches. Staying hydrated helps make tough workouts feel easier.

Galaxy RL420H

8600 EGP
Specifications of Galaxy RL420H (Hybrid Bike) Size of Galaxy RL420H 700c Frame Aluminum Frame Fork Aluminium Handlebar GLX Aluminum Stem

COUGAR MZS509C Freestyle Slalom Inline Roller Skates – Black

2950 EGP
Cougar roller skates are made of durable high quality materials, you can depend on it for achieving the ultimate enjoyment.

Speaker Bicycle Light, USB Rechargeable, Horn + Front Light, 140db speaker

195 EGP
Speaker and headlight is essential for safety to make sure that everyone is aware of your existence on the road

Bikes Best Features.

SevenGear is a professionally managed store that has enough experience to make it a pioneer in the bicycle business .. The store provide you with bikes with various models, accessories, spare parts and there is also a special section for repairing.
And if you’re beginner or professional you’ll find what you looking for and fit you.
SevenGear store is also the official sponsor for “Tanta Cyclists”.

– Our mission is to increase bike’s users to 200%
– Our vision is to be the first brand for bikes in Egypt

Different Types

We can fit you with the perfect bike because we carry all sizes of bikes.

Bikes Maintenance

All bicycle parts and all components are available as original and guaranteed by the company

Best Bikes Accessories

Accessories available for Brands (Giant  – Serfas – Shimano – Wahoo – Tacx – Bellelli – Peruzzo – Giyo)

Shipping Service

We provide shipping service to various provinces within Egypt for the tribal and maritime aspects

The Best Choice For A Winter Ride.