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Bicycle Cover – Black

160 EGP
Protects your bicycle and keeps it looking clean Made in Egypt

Black Horse Bicycle Chain Lube 50ML

45 EGP
Wet Chain Lube High Performance Silent Ride Extremely Efficient Easy To Clean For all weather

Chepark BIC-100 Dry Chain Lube Spray 425ml

225 EGP
  • In order to keep cycles in the best operating condition, chains and derailleur need different lubricants with various ingredients to adapt to different climates and different environments.
  • BIC-100, the semi-dry lubricant, well-performed in dusty, rocky, and dirty environments, which remains bicycle chains, gears, and derailleur well-lubricated in various speeds.
  • Spray BIC-100 dry lubricant directly on chains from a distance of 15~20 cm in order to lubricate chains and chain wheels.
  • Nano-grade metal lubricant, LPG
  • 425ml
  • Made in Taiwan

Chepark BIC-360 PTFE Chain Lube

195 EGP
BIC-360 PTFE Chain Lube is formulated to work and last under severe riding condition. It provides excellent lubrication and a shield that reduces friction and prolongs chain life.

Chepark BIC-50 Wax Chain Lube 50ml

180 EGP
Waxed based formula reduces metal to metal contact.  Does not attract contaminants.  Prevents chain wear.  Do not use on disc brake and the contact point between brake pads and rims.

Chepark BIC-535P Wet Chain Lube 120ml

295 EGP


 Repels water for chain and component protection.  Excels in wet, muddy riding conditions.  Create durable layer, keep clean and will not attract contaminants.  Do not use on disc brake and the contact point between brake pads and rims.

Chepark BIC-600 Disk Brake Cleaner Spray 425ml

265 EGP
BIC-600 disc brake cleaner can effectively clean away residual grease and grime from disc brakes.